Monday, March 7, 2011

Domain Extension and SEO

Domain name is not just a name it’s a face of the company so we must choose right domain name and we must take care while choosing domain name a wrong domain name can make negative effect toward your customer after selecting right domain name now it’s time to choose domain extension and since there are so many extension people gets confused while choosing right extension.
Their Is First Come Top Level Domain that are .Com , .edu , .Net and .Org 

.com: It’s the most desirable domain extension must preferred domain people prefer .com not just because its popular but there are many factor that make .com a first choice .
It’s common: It’s the most common extension than others and since its common it’s easier to remember.
Easier marketing : You don’t need to focus on marketing the extension or to make people remember the correct extension of your company website in case of other extension you just have to promote your brand name and people are wise enough to add itself while opening your official site.

If your company names is Asian Agencies and if you get this Domain i.e. . Then it best for you company name as it is easy for your client to search with your name .

.net is second most desirable domain extension after .com it is also used for commercial purpose as .com. .net was generally used for network website . IF you are finding hard to find .com domain than .net is the most preferred domain name beside .com.

.org: Its generally used by not profit organization but since finding right domain name has become extremely difficult people are also using .org for commercial purpose so why can't you? and it also the third most desirable domain extension and .net extension

.edu. Used for education sites such as for university or school est.

.gov: Cannot be used commercial purpose. This extension is strictly meant used by government agencies.

Now Come's Indian Domain Extensions Such as .in and

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